Message from Organising Desk

Dr. Sunil Kumar
Chairman Organising Committee
Council member RCSEd
GC Member ASI
Editorial Board member JMAS

Dr Arunima Verma
Organising Secretary
MS,FIAGES, FACS, MRCS (UK) Fellowship in MAS(UK)
HOD Surgery Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur
Chairman Elect ASI Jharkhand Chapter
Editorial Board Member IJS 2019-2025
Editorial Board Member JMAS 2020-2022
Executive Member ABSI East Zone

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we welcome you all to the 19th Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India Jharkhand Chapter, JASICON 2020. Surgical care has revolutionised over the last few decades with landmark accomplishments in medical science and innovation in operative techniques. However, the vision and mission of ASI Jharkhand Chapter remains unchanged and is to be relevant to local needs, yet dynamic and contemporary. Our members are spread across all corners, be it rural institutions or premier institutions of state, country or globe.

In Jharkhand, approximately 75% population resides in the rural areas and a very important group of general surgeons from our fraternity, are providing an impressive array of surgical services to this population. Recognising their contribution in the development of surgical craft, the theme for the Conference is “The Renaissance of General Surgery” . Efforts have been made to bring forth the role of general surgeons keeping pace with the global trend of surgical specialities.

In view of the “New Normal” in this pandemic of Covid 19, we have moved to the virtual platform for the Conference this year. Despite being a web based conference, we have tried to cover every aspect of a physical conference. The academic program consists of orations, debates, panel discussions, symposium, master videos, award papers and free papers.

The platform is ready for you all, and your active participation is solicited to make this a landmark conference. The Organising Committee will leave no stone unturned to give you an academic bonanza, and we look forward to having each member of ASI Jharkhand chapter, and also surgeons from other states, as delegates in this conference.

Best wishes and long live ASI!