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Breast Cancer and Covid Awareness Camp, Patibeda, Jharkhand - 30/12/2020

Breast Cancer Awareness camp 30th December 2020 A Breast Cancer Awareness and Covid 19 awareness camp was done under the aegis of ASI Jharkhand Chapter in a remote village of Jharkhand, Patibeda village. Dr Arunima Verma explained about the breast diseases, breast cancer and Breast Self Examination to about 40 women of various age groups in the village with visuals on a laptop. Later, health issues of women there was also addressed and they were guided how to get the medical help at right time and right place. Thereafter, since there was no case of Covid 19 there, people had stuck to their normal lives but with unlock starting, villagers were expected to go out and work. Hence, they were made aware of the Covid pandemic and importance of wearing masks on going out of village explained. About 100 masks were also distributed to the villagers. The camp was well appreciated by the villagers and was also attended by Sahiya of that area